Development Services

BLOC Global Development Group provides master development, fee development, and program management services to both public and private sector clients. The Company is focused on developing real estate in urban and close-in suburban locations. As part of its overall real estate development strategy, BLOC delivers the following professional services:

Master Development

The Company’s master development services support municipalities and corporations that seek to promote economic development in urban communities through the comprehensive development of Master Planned Urban Communities.  In this regard, BLOC coordinates all direct and related activities, including:

  1. Coordinating the implementation of multiple projects within a designated district;
  2. Developing project business plans and strategies;
  3. Securing project financing and investment;
  4. Developing master planned concepts and vision statements;
  5. Evaluating redevelopment plans including implementation concepts;
  6. Managing public communication activities;
  7. Identifying opportunities for the reuse of publicly owned and underutilized land;
  8. Assisting local governments in privatizing their inventories of publicly owned properties;
  9. Developing and managing revitalization projects;
  10. Establishing project milestones and performance measures;
  11. Developing real estate at our own risk and encouraging other developers to do the same within designated districts.

Fee Development and Program Management Services

The Company manages real estate development programs, exclusively on behalf of our clients, who are usually the owners. We manage all aspects of concept development, feasibility analysis, pre-design budgeting and construction programming, which differs from the design programming services of design consultants.  In concert with the various consultants involved, we help manage the preparation of a delivery strategy and plan, as well as design and construction documents to promote budget adherence and constructability, and assist with site procurement, construction. occupancy, commissioning and close-out. We also consult on all aspects of time and cost control in the delivery of major construction programs.

Controlling the time for implementation and delivery costs in construction programs, from pre-design through move-in, is the essence of our development and program management services. We do this while maintaining our clients’ quality and functional requirements and managing the associated risk. We usually accomplish our client’s goals by becoming an extension of the client’s organization for the duration of the program; providing experienced personnel throughout all the various technical disciplines needed to assure that goals and objectives are properly met.

    The company’s Planning Services include:
  1. Master planning review;
  2. Determination of the highest and best site use;
  3. Preliminary space program and budgeting;
  4. Selection of legal, architectural and engineering providers.
    The Company’s Development Services include:
  1. Zoning, entitlements, utility access, variances, permits;
  2. Due diligence management/implementation;
  3. Contract negotiation and administration;
  4. Municipal approvals/governmental relations;
  5. Pro forma financial analysis;
  6. Evaluation of equity/debt financing alternatives;
  7. Owner representation services;
  8. Construction/development budgeting and financing;
  9. Accounting services.