BLOC Strategic Business Units (SBU’s)

BLOC delivers its diverse services across the building lifecycle,
from concept to closure


BLOC provides its services through three SBU’s:
    BLOC Global Development Group
  1. Fee Development
  2. Program Management
  3. Project Management
  4. Owners Representative Services
    BLOC Global Group
  1. Construction Management (CM Agency)
    BLOC Global Real Estate Markets Group
  1. Real Estate Brokerage
  2. Project Finance
  3. Public Private Partnerships
  4. Corporate Services

BLOC Top Ten Facts

  1. BLOC’s professionals are experts in the field of Integrated Project Delivery;
  2. BLOC’s professionals have more than 20 years experience in structuring successful public private partnerships;
  3. BLOC utilizes its human resource network to support development and construction projects across the United States, and abroad;
  4. BLOC delivers services throughout the building lifecycle, from concept to closure;
  5. BLOC’s professionals posses the ability to communicate and relate to people at all levels from CEOs to construction and building management personnel;
  6. BLOC possesses an intimate knowledge of the operations of local governments, neighborhood associations,  and community and economic development processes;
  7. Teaming with BLOC in major metropolitan areas will significantly increase your ability to secure construction services opportunities;
  8. BLOC operates as a culturally diverse enterprise.