Real Estate Market Services

BLOC Global Real Estate Markets provides commercial brokerage, capital raising, transaction, and advisory services for public and private sector clients in the real estate industry. The Company supports economic development programs that involve the development, acquisition, and repositioning of mixed-use, commercial office, multifamily, retail, sports and entertainment, urban infill, industrial, transportation, and utility infrastructure assets throughout the United States, In this regard, the Company structures and facilitates a number of programs to meet the needs of its clients, including:

  1. Special tax district development
  2. Real estate strategic planning
  3. Public Private Partnerships, and

The Real Estate Markets Group also provides financial modeling and financial feasibility studies to determine the capital structures necessary to achieve expected returns on investment for owners and investors.

The Real Estate Markets Group differentiates itself as a specialist in project and structured finance.  As a company focused on real estate and capital project finance, the Company  structures and develops public sector finance programs to support private sector projects that contribute to local and regional economic development. The Company establishes alliances  with global real estate advisory and investment banking firms to remain versed on capital market innovations and finance methods, benefitting its clients.

The Real Estate Markets Group is focused on identifying sound investment opportunities and  actively pursues attractive property acquisitions throughout the Southeast United States.  Through external capital resources, the Company acquires real estate with current cash flow that also presents the opportunity for asset appreciation through professional management, additional leasing, or asset repositioning.

Recognizing investment opportunities where others may only see difficulties is where the Company excels.  BLOC’s vertically integrated approach combined with its in-depth market knowledge and due diligence processes enable it to make intelligent decisions in acquiring real estate for repositioning or investment.

The Company’s real estate market services include:

  1. Site selection and asset acquisition
  2. Asset marketing and dispositions
  3. Proposal solicitation and analysis
  4. Asset due diligence
  5. Asset valuation
  6. Lease versus own analysis
  7. Sale/leaseback alternatives
  8. Lease restructuring strategies