BLOC Development

Managing projects that contribute to the construction, preservation, restoration, and sustainability of the built environment.

Build Value

We build real estate value by managing risk throughout the Facility Life Cycle

Manage Risk

We only participate in projects that we can calculate, measure, and mitigate the risks

Optimize Resources

We adjust our real estate development process to align with the client’s project needs

BLOC Development provides comprehensive real estate development services to both public and private sector clients. The company is focused on developing real estate in urban and close-in suburban locations. As part of its overall real estate development strategy, BLOC Development delivers the following professional services:

  • Master Development
  • Fee Development and Program & Project Management Services
  • Feasibility Assessment & Due Diligence Services

The companies principals have over 90 years of combined experience in the fields of design, development, construction, and finance.

Our Mission

To simplify the complexities of the real estate development process for clients; thereby, adding real estate value and ensuring projects are developed with unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Our Values for Success

We Value Relationships

and view ourselves somewhat like a movie producer or an orchestra leader who brings the creative and talented cast together to produce an outstanding performance.

Our creative and talented real estate development teams are often in partnership with other real estate developers; however, we orchestrate a harmonious union to complete successful real estate development projects.

We Value Risk Tolerance

and know that real estate development can carry risks.

In consideration of the risks associated with real estate development, we only participate in projects that we can calculate, measure, and mitigate the risks. Our ultimate goal is to create value by managing these risks throughout the Facility Life Cycle.

We Value Problem Solving

and consider ourselves to have well-refined skills in navigating the obstacles that challenge the real estate development process.

Our real estate development team is good at solving problems and recognizing multiple solutions to a single problem. Because of this, we deliver creative solutions and effectively manage the time and costs required to drive our creative solutions to a successful outcome.

We Value Creativity

as we are visionaries and idea generators.

We identify the needs within the industry sectors we serve and extrapolate the anticipated future demands of these sectors. Our real estate development team prides itself on “pushing the envelope” by introducing innovative design concepts and by utilizing cutting-edge construction products and delivery approaches to enhance the built environment.

We improve the places where we live, work, and play!

Current Markets

Georgia, Washington, D.C.

Commercial Real Estate Development for Urban and Close-In Suburban Markets.

Master Development

BLOC Development establishes long-term action plans that provide a conceptual layout of the future growth and development of urban and close-in suburban locations. Our target is to provide an analysis, recommendations, and a proposal for a region’s housing, community facilities, transportation, land use, economy, and population.

Fee Development and Program & Project Management Services

BLOC Development manages all responsibilities of the real estate development process.

This service offers:

  • Project Design
  • Project Schedule & Budget Maintenance
  • Project Compliance & Legal Assurance
  • Community and Local Government Engagement
  • Selection and Oversight of Professional Project Team

Feasibility Assessment & Due Diligence Services

BLOC Development conducts a targeted analysis to determine the viability of specified real estate development projects and performs due diligence reviews of real estate assets.

This service offers:

  • Project Phasing
  • Budget Planning
  • Documentation of Existing Systems & Value-Enhancing Opportunities
  • Design Recommendations & Improvements
  • Disposition Strategies

BLOC Development delivers its expertise to projects that are inclusive of the development and redevelopment of Affordable Housing Communities, Market Rate Housing Communities, and Mixed-Use Development in urban and close-in suburban locations.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Communities are considered to be a foundation for thriving communities as they ignite economic stability and sustainability for the community-at-large. As a resource to our communities, BLOC Development maintains the responsibility to work alongside private and public organizations to meet the growing demands for affordable housing communities.

Market Rate Housing

Market Rate Housing Communities help to maximize integration, assist to leverage new and existing market housing stock prices, and show an impact in the reduction of displacement for low-income populations. As a response to the housing crisis, BLOC Development lends its expertise to produce value-enhancing housing options and community design recommendations and improvements that will yield a greater economic return.

Mixed-Use Development

Mixed-Use Development is a pedestrian-friendly development that incorporates two or more residential, commercial, cultural, and/or industrial uses. BLOC Development executes its expertise in Master Development to deliver Mixed-Use Development solutions that resonate with the community interests and engagement.

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