RESponsibility for OUR Collective Economic Success

BLOC Resources is a professional services firm that provides on-time, diverse technical talent to meet the dynamic workforce demands in the Electrical Utility Industry.


Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest possible level of hands-on professional support while maintaining the highest level of integrity and ethical behavior.


  • We Value relationships through our commitment to customers and employees
  • We Value a customer-centric approach
  • We Value diversity, by embracing social and cultural differences
  • We Value employee growth and professional development

Guiding Principle

BLOC Resources is founded on the principle that proficient technical talent is the requirement to establish a retainable workforce that lends itself to progressive employee development, economic stability, and sustainable business operations.

The company focuses in three primary areas of Talent Acquisition, thereby, building organizational capacity to achieve their client’s dynamic workforce demands. These areas include specified talent for:

Electrical Utility Firms

Electrical Utility Firms require fully-staffed, highly-qualified, diverse workforces to meet their growing demands for new infrastructure, smart cities, and smart energy. BLOC Resources specializes in recruiting Right-of-Way Specialists, GIS Technicians, Auto CAD Operators, and other professionals to fulfill these demands.

Smart City Infrastructure

The Smart City Revolution has begun and cities are underway using data and technology to help drive efficiencies, improve sustainability, and enhance the quality of life. BLOC Resources has responded to this shift by recruiting skilled technical talent for smart-grid and smart city infrastructure projects.

Construction Projects

BLOC Resources provides highly-qualified individuals that meet the specific construction, safety, and compliance needs of complex development, infrastructure, and construction projects.

Current Markets

Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia

Talent Acquisition

BLOC Resources recruits and acquires skilled technical talent for Electrical Utility companies to meet their dynamic workforce demands. In addition to recruiting for technical skills, BLOC Resources considers intrinsic qualities and employability skills such as self-motivation, adaptability, positive attitude, and reliability of prospective employees.

Our company’s talent acquisition solutions include:

  • Contract
  • Contract-to-Hire
  • Permanent Placement

BLOC Resources executes a customer-centric approach and thereby tailor its Talent Acquisition Process to align highly-skilled, diverse technical talent with each client’s corporate initiatives and career opportunities.

Our company’s talent acquisition services are targeted to respond to temporary skill shortages, major capital project-workloads, short-term and long-term assignments, complex development, infrastructure and construction projects, and special projects.

Targeted Talent

Electrical Utility Firms & Smart City Infrastructure

Technical talent to meet growing demands for new infrastructure, smart cities, smart grid, and smart energy


Right-of-Way Specialists, Project Managers, GIS Technicians, Auto CAD Operators, Central Office Clerks, Administrative Assistants, Data Entry Operators

Construction Projects

Technical talent to meet construction, safety, and compliance needs


Construction Managers, Project Managers, Site Inspectors, Project Accountants, Compliance Coordinators, Safety Administrators

At BLOC Resources, people are the source of our success, and we look forward to bringing skilled and qualified people to your organization!

Employer Partnerships

BLOC Resources is committed to establishing reliable partnerships with Electrical Utility companies as they have shifted their focus from pure generation and distribution of power to development and deployment of smart-city technologies and smart-city infrastructure.

Career Sourcing

BLOC Resources proactively identifies, assesses and engages qualified technical talent for current or planned career opportunities in the electrical utility industry.

Talent Acquisition Process

BLOC provides value at every stage of the staffing process

Resource Needs Analysis

BLOC Resources takes the time to clearly understand its client’s strategic objectives, short and long-term goals, and associated personnel needs


Talent Identification

The Company’s recruiters quickly identify the most qualified candidates via industry relationships and proprietary human resource networks



The Company matches qualified candidates to the respective job opportunity by looking for the attributes that respond to the client’s unique criteria


Evaluation and Selection

BLOC Resources ensures that all documents, screening, and certifications are verified before the employee starts


Client Feedback

The firm formally monitors employee work performance to ensure that they continually contribute to the success of our client companies


BLOC Resources’ principals are members in good standing of the leading professional commercial real estate right-of-way organizations. These memberships provide access to industry thought-leaders and enable BLOC Resources to accommodate the evolving needs of clients.

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